Portfolio Investments

With Realize Fund I, we aim to invest in a way that accelerates social equity in Canada and builds the social finance market. We recognize this is an ambitious goal. Inequity is pervasive and deeply rooted, with many complex, often interconnected, causes. To make meaningful progress towards realizing social equity, we need an investment approach as multifaceted as the problem. We need to invest in initiatives that tackle inequity from different perspectives and positively reinforce one another to strengthen individual, community and environmental outcomes.

We’re building the portfolio to do just that.

The portfolio will continue to be built over the next couple of years.

“This set of investments by Realize Capital Partners is integral to making positive impacts for Canadians and local communities.” – Jenna Sudds, Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development

An Interconnected Approach to Tackling Inequity

The Investments

Maximizing impact outcomes through a mix of new, emerging and established product issuers thinking intentionally about who they invest in as well as the impact aims of the investees. Maximizing investable opportunities through a mix of private equity, venture capital, private credit and community investing.

Direct Support for People and Place

Jubilee Fund is an established, community-based fund manager providing loans to nonprofits and social enterprises in Manitoba.

With its latest capital raise, it aims to extend its community lending program to additional beneficial initiatives like childcare centres, cultural centres, affordable housing, community hubs and social enterprise growth.

We believe this fund will help to improve livelihoods, the social determinants of health and community cohesion.

New Market Funds is an established fund manager

NMF Rental Housing Fund II partners with nonprofits across Canada to take ownership of and improve existing housing stock and to create new affordable housing developments. The fund has set impact targets around rental affordability and carbon emissions reductions.

We believe this fund will improve livelihoods, strengthen social purpose organizations and help to tackle climate change.

Windmill Microlending is an established woman-led product issuer.

Windmill Microlending’s Community Bond provides loans to foreign-trained professionals in Canada to enable them to work in the field they trained in before coming to Canada.

We believe this fund will improve individual outcomes and strengthen social cohesion.

Finding Innovative Impact through New Perspectives

Maple Bridge Ventures is an immigrant-led, first-time fund manager.

Maple Bridge Ventures Fund I aims to invest in 12-15 Canadian ventures led by immigrants, with a focus on health and sustainability technology.

We believe this fund will help to diversify the social finance market and create greater opportunities for equity-deserving groups.

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is an established Indigenous-led fund manager.

Raven Indigenous Opportunities Fund I aims to provide follow-on capital to ~6 rapidly scaling impact-focused Indigenous enterprises across Canada for whom there is limited access to culturally safe capital.

We believe this fund will catalyze and diversify the social finance market and support economic reconciliation.

Relentless Pursuit Management is an emerging woman-led fund manager.

Fund II, the Relentless Health Pursuit Fund, aims to invest in 12-15 early-stage companies led by members of equity-deserving groups that are developing technologies to address gaps in preventative health and chronic disease management addressing common chronic conditions associated with aging. Relentless has a strong focus on impact assessment and measurement.

We believe this fund will diversify the social finance market and improve people’s physical and mental well-being.

The51 is an emerging woman-led fund manager.

The51 Food and AgTech Fund I aims to invest in about 25 Canadian tech companies led by diverse teams, addressing climate challenges by reducing emissions and improving sustainability in the food and agriculture sectors.

We believe this fund will diversify the social finance market and help build resilience in the food system.

 “Made in Canada” Climate Solutions

Idealist Capital is a newly established private equity fund manager. Idealist Climate Impact Fund I aims to invest in about 10 growth-stage companies across Canada that are decarbonizing the power supply, electrifying transportation, supporting the transition to a circular economy and decarbonizing industrials. The fund has an impact measurement framework in place to measure reductions in carbon emissions.

We believe that by helping to scale commercially ready solutions, this fund will help to tackle climate change.

PaceZero Capital Partners is an emerging private credit fund manager.

PaceZero Sustainable Credit Fund II aims to support 16-20 early-stage Canadian companies in developing and commercializing their technologies to deliver positive social and environmental impact. The fund’s impact framework is aligned to global standards.

We believe this fund will create significant and far-reaching environmental benefits.