About Realize Capital Partners

Realize Capital Partners is a fund-of-funds manager for the Government of Canada’s Social Finance Fund.

Realize Capital Partners is a joint venture between Rally Assets and Relay Ventures.

The joint venture brings together the companies’ core skills required for success in this work:

  • Impact investing expertise in pipeline, research, due diligence and portfolio management
  • Focus on social equity and diversity
  • Track record in top-tier private capital returns and fundraising
  • Strong governance and transparency
  • Commitment to sector building

Realize Capital Partners has signed up to the 50-30 Challenge.

The Work Ahead

Realize Capital Partners is building Realize Fund I, a closed-end multi-asset class fund. Beyond Realize Fund I, we’ll be working to build the social finance market in two key ways: by helping to develop an impact data standard and by supporting new fund managers.

Rally Assets

Rally Assets is an impact investment management and advisory firm. The firm helps investors generate positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Rally creates specialized solutions for corporate and institutional investors, foundations, family offices and individual accredited investors. Rally is a certified B Corporation. | Rally Assets est une société de gestion et de conseil en investissements d’impact qui aide les investisseurs à générer un impact social et environnemental positif tout en obtenant un rendement financier.

Relay Ventures

Relay Ventures is is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in passionate entrepreneurs, disrupting and creating new markets through technology. With over 30 years of venture experience, and over US$700M of assets under management, the firm is active throughout North America. | Relay Ventures est un fonds de capital-risque en phase de démarrage qui se concentre sur les secteurs présentant un potentiel de croissance, alimenté par l’adoption rapide de la technologie.

About the Social Finance Fund

The Social Finance Fund is a Government of Canada initiative to strengthen social purpose organizations and accelerate the growth of Canada’s social finance market. The investment initiative will support charities, nonprofits, social enterprises, co-operatives and other social purpose organizations to access flexible financing opportunities through fund managers. Greater access to social finance will help organizations grow, innovate and enhance their social and environmental impacts.

Realize Capital Partners is one of three fund-of-funds managers working to deliver SFF, along with Boann Social Impact and Fonds de finance sociale – CAP Finance.

This investment program is expected to run for over a decade. The Government of Canada is providing capital over five years to invest over the life of the program – wholesalers repay the Government at the end of the program. During the program, wholesalers invest in dozens of fund managers that in turn invest in hundreds of social purpose organizations delivering positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. These investments strengthen communities while growing and diversifying the social finance sector so that it is self-sustaining and more impactful in the future.

Fund-of-fund managers aim to leverage a minimum of two dollars in private investment capital for each dollar in federal support.

This is a not a granting program; it is an investment program.


À propos du Fonds de finance sociale

Le Fonds de finance sociale est une initiative du gouvernement canadien visant à renforcer les organismes à vocation sociale et à accélérer la croissance du marché de la finance sociale au Canada. L’initiative d’investissement permettra aux associations caritatives, aux organisations à but non lucratif, aux entreprises sociales, aux coopératives et aux autres organismes à vocation sociale d’accéder à des possibilités de financement flexibles par l’intermédiaire de finance sociale. Un meilleur accès à la finance sociale aidera les organisations à se développer, à innover et à améliorer leur impact social et environnemental.

Ce programme d’investissement devrait durer plus d’une décennie. Le gouvernement du Canada fournit des capitaux aux grossistes sur cinq ans pour qu’ils les investissent pendant la durée du programme. Les grossistes remboursent le gouvernement à la fin du programme. Dans le cadre du programme, les grossistes investissent dans des dizaines d’intermédiaires de finance sociale qui, à leur tour, investissent dans des centaines d’organismes à vocation sociale qui ont un impact social et environnemental positif en plus d’un rendement financier. Ces investissements renforcent les communautés tout en développant et en diversifiant le secteur de la finance sociale afin qu’il soit autonome et qu’il ait plus d’impact à l’avenir.

Les grossistes s’efforcent de mobiliser au moins deux dollars de capital d’investissement privé pour chaque dollar d’aide fédérale. Il ne s’agit pas d’un programme de subvention, mais d’un programme d’investissement.