Realize Fund I is supporting initiatives that are creating positive social and environmental impact, with a focus on social equity.


A four-pillar investment strategy to deliver on our mandate.

Community Investments

Community Invesments are a key pillar of our strategy. Let’s work together


Investments that tackle inequity from different perspectives and positively reinforce one another.


We reached our first anniversary May 29, 2024. It was an impactful first year.

Fund Overview

Structure Closed-end, GP/LP, private-only fund
Asset Classes Across private asset classes – venture capital, private equity, private debt and private real assets
Investing in Canadian fund managers and product issuers, co-investments and select direct investments
Regions All provinces and territories
Sectors Sector agnostic; open to all positively impactful sectors
Sustainable Development Goals Aligned to all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
Expected capital deployment We began committing capital in fall 2023 and expect to commit over 5 years
Horizon 15 year+ fund life
Target raise $405M – $135M from the Government of Canada (committed); $270M from private investors