Questions and Answers

We appreciate that you likely have questions about Realize Fund I and our work. We hope the following text helps. You can find further information about the Social Finance Fund on the Government of Canada website and additional information on a shared website that the three fund-of-fund managers have set up. We held a webinar in June to provide an overivew of the fund and to answer questions; you may wish to view the recording or read the transcript. We will be adding to this page shortly. Please contact us with questions. If you have an idea for a product you’d like us to consider, please schedule a meeting with us

Big picture, how does the Social Finance Fund operate to invest in positive social change?

The Social Finance Fund provides three fund-of-funds managers with repayable investment capital. We use the government capital alongside private capital to invest in fund managers who in turn invest in social purpose organizations.

  • Fund-of-funds manager. There are three for SFF, each with its own investment strategy
  • Fund manager (social finance intermediary) = financial entity making social finance investments, such as a credit union, community loan fund or private equity firm
  • Social purpose organization (SPO) = organization with a clearly articulated social or environmental purpose, such as a social enterprise, charity, nonprofit, cooperative or company 
  • Social finance investments = investments aiming to generate positive social and/or environmental returns and financial returns, into social purpose organizations or social finance projects
How is Realize Capital Partners operating to invest in positive social change?

We have set up a fund, Realize Fund I. Accredited and institutional investors will invest alongside the Government of Canada. We aim to leverage a minimum of two dollars in private investment capital for each dollar in federal government capital.

Who or what projects are eligible for investment?

We will be investing in fund managers and product issuers who are deploying capital in Canada for initiatives that are intentionally contributing a positive social or environmental impact. See our product form for more details.

What is your investment decision-making process?

Potential investments are initially screened for social and environmental impact. They are then reviewed by an investment committee. Decisions are guided by the fund’s LPA and IPS.

Can I secure investment from more than one SFF fund-of-funds manager?

Yes. There are no restrictions against doing that.

What type of investments will you be making?

Realize Fund I is open to debt and equity investment opportunities.

I’m a social purpose organization. How do I apply for a grant?

This is not a granting program. Fund managers are looking to support organizations that are seeking investment rather than grants.

I’m a social purpose organization. Can you help me get in touch with managers that might invest in my organization or project?

At this stage, we don’t have capacity to do that. Part of our work does involve working with organizations to help them access capital. Please follow us on LinkedIn to be kept up to date.