Tuesday Chats

Got questions? Let’s chat

We’ve set aside time every Tuesday to support you before you submit a proposal. If you’re wondering, What info will I need to supply, Can I get some help, or How might an impact investor view my idea, please book a session.

Please read our ‘questions and answers’ page before booking a chat.

Please note: these sessions are not about fundraising, grants or impact measurement:

  • If you already have an offering you’re fundraising for, please don’t book a chat; instead, fill in the product submission form so that we can consider it. All products with an existing structure and investment terms must be submitted through the product submission form. These chats are not opportunities to directly “pitch” your offering to us
  • The Social Finance Fund is an investment initiative not a granting program
  • We’ll set up impact measurement chats later in the year

At this time, we are prioritizing investments in fund opportunities and are not making direct investments. Social Purpose Organizations seeking funding should seek support from applicable fund managers aligned with their work. We recommend visiting the Social Finance Fund Hub, which will continue to develop resources to help guide Social Purpose Organizations to relevant sources of investment.

National Strategies

Private impact fund managers, let’s chat!

Are you a newer or emerging fund manager or product issuer building an impact-focused thesis? Are you an established manager trying to understand what we would consider “impactful?” Book a session to discuss national strategies with Lar Boggild, Portfolio Manager for Realize Fund I. We look forward to discussing your strategy, the developmental resources available to product issuers and the portfolio priorities for Realize Fund I.

Tuesdays, 2 and 2:30pm Eastern

Community Strategies

Locally impactful community organizations, let’s chat!

Want to partner with us to support place-based and community investing to increase the impact you’re already having in community? Is your organization interested in, or already, leading a local place-based investment/lending strategy that responds to local needs? Book a session with Johny Maung to discuss how we might be able to work together to support local community-building investing in Realize Fund I.

Tuesdays, 3 and 3:30pm Eastern