Realize Fund I

We are launching one of the largest impact funds in Canadian history. Realize Fund I will support initiatives creating positive social and environmental impact, with a focus on social equity. By leveraging government capital on a first-in, last-out basis, we aim to provide private investors an attractive risk-adjusted rate of return, and crowd in investors on an unprecedented scale in the social finance sector.

En mobilisant des capitaux publics sur la base du principe « premier entré, dernier sorti », nous visons à offrir aux investisseurs privés un taux de rendement attrayant ajusté au risque, et à attirer des investisseurs à une échelle sans précédent dans le secteur de la finance sociale.


The basics.

Investment Policy Statement

In managing Realize Fund I we are guided by our Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which sets out fund objectives, investment strategies to meet those objectives, impact objectives, asset allocation guidelines and more. 

Theory of Change

Leveraging the investment capital provided by the Government of Canada, we will engage in market-building and investment activities aimed at fostering systemic, sector-wide transformations in order to achieve our vision.

Community Investment Partners

Community decision-making is a key part of our strategy

Advisory Committees

We are establishing three committees to advise our Board of Directors as we implement Realize Fund I. 


In June we held a webinar to introduce Realize Fund I.